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Things Are Clearer without the clouds

Cloud systems sound great at first but they come with hidden and/or ongoing costs and limited functionality. Set aside an hour and we will call at your convenience to guide you through an online demo to reveal the simplicity and power of our program.


Edge Salon Spa software is not a cloud-based application. A one-time purchase, Edge is exponentially cheaper and pays for itself in as little as a year vs cloud-based subscriptions.

Purchase in CDN while the exchange rate is favourable

No monthly fees

No downtime because of poor connectivity

Edge has 30+ years of development and is feature-rich. Storing this app in the cloud would mean a loss of features.



Edge Salon Spa software is not a cloud-based application. A one-time purchase, Edge is exponentially cheaper and pays for itself in as little as a year vs cloud-based subscriptions.

Costly! Calculate total fees after 1, 2, 3 years  

Ongoing monthly fees with strict contracts

Poor internet in your building? Don’t risk a poor Point-of-Sale because you can’t connect

Online Booking

Ultimate Convenience

Clients can book online and employees can check their schedules on any device.

Remote access can be set up to perform any tasks that would normally be performed at the store.


Telephone. Email. Remote Assistance.

Support is provided via telephone, email or remote assistance software.

A demo can be done with a tech to determine your needs via the remote assistance programs. An hour is all that is needed to thoroughly explore the major benefits.

edge email and phone support available



Edge Management Systems Inc. is celebrating 31 years in the POS (Point Of Sale) industry. We are a strong proponent of the windows environment and have incorporated numerous aspects of the operating system into our program.

For example all reports are generated and printed through the Internet Explorer browser portion of the Windows operating system. As a result we are one of the few developers to have achieved a level 3 (of 4) in the Certified Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN). We utilize a single Microsoft Access Database to store your info. We offer:

  • Solid, reliable and feature filled software
  • Unsurpassed support
  • Innovative updates
  • Powerfull Marketing features





Online Booking
















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Count on Edge

We are Canada's oldest suppliers of software solutions for the Beauty, Spa, Salon, Massage or Retail Industries. Designed for use in North America, UK and Australia.

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In our 31st year of providing POS (point of sale) software systems, which handle every aspect of a successfully managed business!


Complement your software for seamless customer interactions

We do not sell computers however we do sell a lot of hardware you cannot buy at your local best buy.

The hardware used along with the Edge Software can be very flexible. The following is a list of hardware options:

Edge works with any printer set up in your Windows Printer settings. Receipt printers can be added to the system. Edge supports them all

The EDGE application will work with virtually ANY cash drawer using a universal triggering signal. The software sends a signal to the desired port utilizing Receipt printers, Dedicated serial port connections, LPT add-ons or internal PCI triggering cards. This then sends either a 12- or 24-volt signal to the drawer to spring it open.

EMSI can supply Cash Drawers or recommend manufacturers of these devices.

Bar Code scanners are used instead of typing in product numbers in a sale or when receiving or adjusting inventory. In our experience, Light pens are not as reliable as wands which emit a scanning beam. The reason is that unlike in say a video store, most everything sold in a salon is on a curved surface and the pen can have problems scanning the code reliably.


Our hardware and software are backed by some of the most trusted companies in the business. We’ve hand-picked partners to help deliver the highest quality experience in payment processing, web hosting, and SMS gateways.

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